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Recruiters spend a mere 6 seconds on a resume! Make it count with a visual CV that tells your story faster and better.

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ATS optimized templates

ATS optimized templates

Compelling visual appeal

Compelling visual appeal

Compelling visual appeal

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Compelling visual appeal

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Compelling visual appeal

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What recruiter Say?

  • When skimming through 100s of resumes everyday is your job, a visually pleasing resume is always a delight. A visual resume always makes it effortless to assess the candidate and understand them better.

    Heather H , Recruiter

  • Finding the right fit takes time, effort and patience. A visual resume is a wonderful way to know a candidate with least effort not to mention the pleasing look and feel. I always love reading visual resumes over textual resumes.

    Stephanie L , Recruiter

  • Evaluating skills and understanding a candidate's strengths and expertise is the most challenges part of recruitment. A visual resume makes this process easy and quick. Highly recommend all job seekers to switch to a visual resume.

    Sally N , Recruiter

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